Digitizing checklists to improve productivity

Squadle is a customizable restaurant operations platform that restaurants can use to fully digitize their paper-based manager playbooks, checklists, and compliance forms to ensure higher completion rates, leading to more efficient operations and better customer experiences. With Squadle, you can provide digital implementations of checklists/forms for your restaurants such as:

  • Operational Compliance Checklists
  • Pre-Shift Checklists
  • Food Waste Tracking
  • Travel Paths
  • Equipment Calibrations
  • Temperature Management Forms
  • Food Safety Compliance Forms
  • Planned Equipment Maintenance
  • Customer Recovery
  • Shift Notes

Accuracy in Temperature Tracking with Patented Technology

Squadle’s operations platform is built for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s needs. Our patented ZeroTouch™ temperature technology provides the industry’s fastest and most accurate way to take temperatures for food safety compliance while on the line.

Make better decisions with real time data

Squadle provides real-time data of your restaurant’s operational performance wherever you are and whenever you need it. Built with multi-unit operations in mind, our web-based dashboard and our mobile application allows you to track the completion of critical tasks throughout the day.

Pass health inspections and audits with ease

With Squadle, you will no longer have to sift through countless pages and manager playbooks to provide the information you need for routine audits and corporate inspections. Squadle provides digital reporting of all of your important checklists and compliance forms on-demand, whenever you need them.

Centralized view of store performance increases accountability and transparency

Through Squadle’s automated reports and real-time alerts, you will know which of your restaurants are in compliance and which are not. Your restaurants will also know when critical tasks are due, helping them stay on track.

Quick set up and responsive customer support

Squadle is an engaging platform that is easy to implement in your organization and you can be up and running with us in a matter of days. Our digital guides and training videos allows for quick restaurant onboarding and our industry-leading customer support teams are always available to assist, 24/7.