6 Laws of a Resilient Restaurant: Ebook Collaboration

Running a restaurant in 2021 requires more resilience than ever. The challenges that restaurant operators face have only gotten increasingly difficult. That’s why Squadle has teamed up with brands Tenzo and Market Man to collaborate on creating an Ebook to help restaurant owners everywhere. This eBook explores the 6 laws of a resilient restaurant. 

So, what exactly is a resilient restaurant? Well, it’s a restaurant that quickly adapts to change and repeatedly overcomes any major crisis. Squadle, Tenzo, and Market Man all work with these types of restaurants, offering them the tools and resources they need to improve on resiliency. After speaking with 10+ experts, we’ve compiled breakthrough strategies for restaurant managers and workers on building and maintaining a resilient restaurant.

This eBook encourages restaurateurs to move into 2021 with confidence in your business, and maintain success as the landscape around you continues to shift. Be sure to download the full version of our free Ebook here.