Food Safety in 2020 | Year in Review Infographic

Although 2020 was a turbulent year, the foodservice industry kept busy and continued to be in demand. Consumers and store managers alike relied on quick but safe experiences– and Squadle was there to help.

While most operations saw upheaval in their day-to-day processes, our data also shows a doubling down on standard practices like food safety and cleanliness tasks. 

Foodservice managers and operators were forced to adapt to new circumstances while staying as efficient as possible. Throughout 2020, Squadle saved almost 900K managerial hours, enabling more tasks to be completed in less time. This increased efficiency allowed managers to focus more attention on the new and unique challenges they faced.

 In our “2020 In Review” infographic below, we’ve highlighted more of this year’s most interesting trends and milestones.

Food safety in 2020 infographic