Introducing: Squadle Sense Thermal Scanner

Today Squadle announced the latest addition to a growing product portfolio: Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner.

Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner, Squadle’s patented ZeroTouch™ technology, is a 6″x6″ wall-mounted device that uses thermal cameras and other temperature sensors to perform fast and accurate temperature screenings without requiring users to touch the device.

In the wake of COVID-19, many restaurants have had to shut down completely or seriously adjust their service model. Now that some states are allowing restaurants and dining areas to reopen, it’s important to have measures in place that ensure the health and safety of employees as well as customers.

The Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner enables restaurant owners to adapt to the changing foodservice environment while showing commitment to community health & safety with temperature screening and social distancing, all in one simple product.

An individual screening takes less than one second. If the initial result borders on elevated risk (using temperature ranges recommended by the CDC), the Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner immediately runs additional screenings to reduce variance for an accurate result.

Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner
Fast, Safe, and Reliable

The Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner offers an easy setup process, secure data collection, and little to no upkeep. No training is needed before teams can get up and running, and the product seamlessly integrates with Squadle Checklists and Squadle HQ, allowing users to view screening data and reports in one centralized location.

Built for Restaurants and Food Retailers

The Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner is a good fit for any restaurant, convenience store, or food retailer wanting to ensure the health and safety of its operations. The product is able to quickly scan employees and guests, working seamlessly with larger retail and restaurant brands, franchise owner-operators, as well as smaller independent restaurants.

Best practices for COVID-19 protocols are fluid and unstable, and restaurant owners need to have tools that enable reactive changes. Managers and owner-operators using the Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner can easily (and remotely) set and adjust screening requirements and compliance as often as needed.

With durability built specifically for restaurants, this product is a non-disruptive addition to employees and customers. 

Growing Squadle’s Product Suite

The scanner uses Squadle’s patented ZeroTouch™ technology, which automatically measures and records temperatures using wireless and touch-free solutions. 

The Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner is part of a product suite made up of the most innovative and customer-oriented digital foodservice technologies on the market.

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