Squadle’s 2021 Safety & Workflow Automation Report

Safety first. That is one of the first lessons we are taught whether it be in school during a science lab or on the bus to a tournament with your soccer team. It is what we have always been taught. QSR is no exception to this well known lesson. 

In this article, we summarize insights and data from a 2021 survey of Squadle customers. The data uncovered some of our customer’s top food safety concerns. It also showed the percentage of customers struggling with employee recruitment, employees who expect safety protocols to be enforced by management, and businesses who experienced bumps in the road with food safety.

A graph ranking the top food safety concerns recorded by Squadle customers: customer safety, employee safety, cross contamination, food temperature, inspection failure (low priority level to high priority level)

Customer safety is reported by Squadle customers to be their top priority when asked to rank their top five food safety concerns. Seemingly small things can put your customers and employees at risk. Therefore, it is necessary that employers take food safety seriously. Shift management softwares can mitigate such errors and add reliability and accountability. It can digitize many daily responsibilities from pre-shift checklists to shift notes. It can provide real time reporting with alerts via text and emails on-demand. What differentiates this software is that it is customizable to your company’s needs. During the pandemic, customers have become even more vigilant about their food safety when it comes to take out and delivery. Many companies like Dominos have opted into contactless payment and delivery which not only keeps the customers safe but employees as well.

Employee and customer safety are top concerns

Employee safety is paramount especially in the food service industry. Understandably so, employees are companies’ most valuable assets, and it is imperative that businesses protect their staff. When approaching workplace safety strategically, not only will the number of employees who will be saved from illness or injuries greatly decline, but also the company will experience operational and cost benefits. 

Cross-contamination is easily avoidable with employee diligence. Cross-contamination occurs when bacteria are unintentionally transferred from one place to another, which can potentially make people ill. For example, food to food, equipment to food, or people to food. Companies like Jack in the Box understand the importance of food safety and want to provide transparency with their customers by including a web page dedicated to food safety.

Food temperatures are indicative of the state of hygiene a product is in. For instance, if food is left out at room temperature for too long, bacteria can grow, creating danger to not only the customer but also the employees. To ensure the highest quality of food safety at your business, Squadle’s wireless temperature sensors can automatically log food temperatures. This data can be sent directly to your tablets for review by staff and headquarters. A major benefit of this technology is that it can proactively detect and alert temperature discrepancies before loss of inventory even occurs. 

Inspection failures for restaurants are often not something to be in a scrabble about when they stay on top of food safety protocols with the help of automation softwares such as digital food safety checklists. Making the investment in new softwares to help improve food safety to your valued customers and employees will overall benefit the company and its compliance. A simple integration of Squadle software can help operators streamline their restaurant temperature logging processes, mitigate the top 3 common reasons for inspection failure, and impress the next inspector who steps foot in the restaurant. 

Trying Times with Employee Recruitment
63% of businesses are struggle with recruiting

Before the pandemic, going out to eat was a daily task for many, whether it be for coffee, brunch, or a midnight bite. However, since the pandemic, restaurants are facing a dilemma where the number of willing employees is quickly declining. QSRs are struggling with not only attracting new employees but also struggling to retain them. In recent blogs, we have outlined 4 easy ways to help improve restaurant culture which ultimately helps decrease employee turnover. 

Safety Continues to be Top Priority
90% of staff expect managers to enforce safety protocols to keep them safe

Employees experience great trust with their management when it comes to their commitment to workplace safety. When employers implement the latest software to help make compliance easy and effective, the staff feels validated due to the investment choices the headquarters are making to keep them safe. On top of integrating digital food safety, employers are providing the right tools and training in order to set staff and the company for success. Squadle’s checklist is shown to be a useful resource for new hires and store managers according to Franchisee Y’s Regional General Manager B. It is not enough to merely set up protocols for employees, but to also hold them accountable and invoke the rules. With the help of digital food safety softwares, businesses can have automated digital records of food temperatures which hold employees responsible for compliance, thus protecting their people and also the business as a whole. 

Squadle Products Solve Food Safety Issues
18% of business have experienced food safety issues in the past

Squadle’s customers are real life examples of the great effects that digital food safety software has. The workflow automation software is effective when it comes to distributing a customizable, user-friendly automation system for QSRs, C-stores, grocery stores and establishments with similar industry needs. The system is able to simplify and streamline repetitive and complex tasks that businesses require on a daily basis making employees, customers, and headquarters happy.