Squadle Wins Trio of Industry Awards for Food Safety and Operations

Today Squadle was recognized with the Food Logistics 100 Award, the third award in a string of recent recognition for our product’s digital food safety processes — which improve operations, reduce costs, and increase safety. Squadle was recognized earlier this month as a Blazer, the top recognition in BostInno’s Inno on Fire awards. And we were also featured in last month’s issue of QSR Magazine as a winner of the 2020 Applied Tech Awards.

Food Logistics Magazine 2020 FL100+

The 2020 FL100+ is Food Logistics magazine’s annual list honoring leading software and technology providers that ensure a safe, efficient and reliable global food and beverage supply chain. Each year, Food Logistics showcases software and technology companies that are leading the food and beverage industry in innovations — with solutions and services that improve productivity and gain efficiency. 

Now in its 17th year, the FL100+ is an invaluable resource for software and technology providers whose products and services are critical for companies in the global food and beverage supply chain. Winners are profiled in the November/December issue, as well as online at www.foodlogistics.com.

BostInno 2020 Inno on Fire Awards

Squadle was also recognized for this year’s 2020 Inno on Fire Awards, showcasing 50 startups and individuals that are setting Boston’s innovation ecosystem ablaze. All 50 winners of BostInno’s ninth annual Inno on Fire were featured in an October 22 article. Then on December 3rd, BostInno announced the 2020 Inno Blazers at an online event that replaced the traditional Awards Gala—with one Blazer recipient chosen from each category by an elite panel of judges. Squadle earned the top award for the Food and AgTech category, and our team was presented with the time-honored red blazer jacket.

Our product was recognized for its impact on helping customers respond to the coronavirus pandemic. BostInno focused on three recent innovations: our zero-touch temperature monitoring solutions; the new Squadle Sense Thermal Scanner; and new COVID-19 specific safety procedures for Squadle Checklists that ensure operators and staff follow strict cleaning, social distancing and employee health protocols.

The highlight of the event was an Inno on Fire panel, where Squadle Founder and CEO Le Zhang joined two other winning executives and BostInno Editor Rowan Walrath to discuss their businesses’ accomplishments over the last year, new innovations, and how Covid-19 has required all kinds of pivots, as customer needs changed, the world of work went mostly remote and corporate leaders began to look to startups for innovative solutions. Read the full Inno on Fire recap, What it means to be ‘on fire’ in 2020.

QSR Magazine 2020 Applied Technology Awards

Every two years, the QSR Magazine Applied Technology Awards shine a spotlight on the 10 best tech platforms and products that are enhancing the restaurant industry and streamlining business for operators. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, emphasis for the 2020 awards was on recognition of tech products that are helping restaurant operators to tackle the myriad challenges presented by this public health crisis. 

Squadle stood out among restaurant technology leaders and was chosen for the honor for introducing the Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner, a wall-mounted device that uses thermal cameras and other temperature sensors to perform fast and accurate temperature screenings without requiring users to touch the device or compromise social distancing. It combines contactless devices, mobile apps, and web analytics for safe self-screening that complies with regulatory requirements.

“The COVID-19 outbreak is easily the biggest challenge in modern restaurant history, but the industry is more prepared than ever to face those challenges head on because of the tech products available,” said Sam Oches, QSR editor. “We’re excited to honor those platforms that we think are uniquely suited to helping operators get through this crisis and setting restaurants up for long-term success.”

The 2020 QSR Applied Technology Awards recognized 10 technology products in two categories: Crew Facing/Back of House and Customer Facing/Front of House. Read more about Squadle and all the award winners at: QSRmagazine.com/applied-tech-awards.

“On behalf of the entire Squadle team, we are honored to receive these three prestigious awards highlighting our technology,” stated Charlie Piper, Squadle’s Executive Chairman. “This achievement marks a big milestone for the foodservice industry and the advancements we’ve seen in work simplification.”