24/7 monitoring prevents food waste

“We’ve lost too much money in the past with equipment breaking down at night. Now I get a text right away and can fix the problem before it’s too late.”

— Franchisee, Top 50 Growth Franchise Chain

A functioning refrigerator plays one of the most important roles in food safety compliance and cost containment. For some franchisees, fault refrigeration is a recurring issue adding costs to their operations.


For one multi-unit franchisee, equipment failure resulting in lost product would cost over $1,500 per incident. When one of their coolers failed and operated below freezing, the product was rendered frozen and unusable.


The franchisee chose to implement Squadle’s Temperature Management System in two of their locations to address this problem. Built with patented technology, sensors in the Temperature Management System automatically monitor temperatures 24/7 and provide live alerts and updates via email and text.


After implementing the Temperature Monitoring System, she was notified immediately when the compressor in her walk-in cooler ceased operation. An electrician had come earlier in the day to do some repairs at the store and accidentally shut off the cooler. The franchisee took action when they received the alert and ended up saving over $1,500.

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