Better management of multi-unit quick service restaurants using Squadle’s Digital Shift Management solution


Owners of 74 Dunkins’ that implemented Squadle™ Digital Shift Management, a digital shift management solution, experienced a significant increase in task completion by employees, improved ability to make proactive management decisions, and better employee engagement. Tasks that once took two employees to complete, now takes one. In one instance, management time ensuring weekly compliance decreased to a couple of minutes a day.


Owner-operators of Quick Service Restaurants often face the same challenge in operating their business: “how do I ensure that everyone performs as directed without me and my managers being everywhere?”

While owners know what needs to be done on a daily basis to successfully run their locations, the task of proactively managing employees with paper checklists is daunting. Often, owners are in the dark about what is happening and only find out during audits or after product or customer issues arise.

Owners who are looking for a digital, all-in-one solution to replace their paper checklists are discovering other vendors require customization in order to align with their brand. This additional work was often a barrier to adoption for owners who already have too much to do.


Owner operators tired of managing daily processes from paper checklists ultimately chose Squadle™ Checklists.

Squadle Checklists comes customized out of the box for Dunkin with tasks preloaded from the latest version of the manual. Owners can simply turn on the internet connected tablet, ask their employees to watch a short training video, and start tracking tasks within the hour. For custom tasks, owners can contact Squadle’s support and have alterations added within a business day.

Squadle Hub, the management software, allows owners to view their locations’ live completion rates, be alerted of any important missed tasks, and give direction from the comfort of their office computer or mobile device.


Owners saw an increase in both employee engagement and also completion rates after implementing Squadle Digital Shift Management.

“My employees used to push back from old school paper and pen. I wanted an all in one solution and get on top of tech. They love the digital option now.”

“We saw a 20% increase in checklist completion from 80% to 100%.”

Owners reported that the live data improved their peace of mind and allowed for additional time and mental energy to focus on running their business.

“Seeing the completion percentages for all my stores gives me a sense of security that things are getting done.”

“Daily email keep completion top of mind. Before my managers and I had to get to the store to review.”

“I used to spend a lot of time checking and double checking work. There was a huge time savings in not having to do that. Now I can focus on other things.”

About Squadle:

Squadle’s Digital Shift Management solution is customized to Dunkins’ daily and monthly shift management process and is updated as new versions are created. The software is ready to use out of the box with little to no training, and owners can request customizations by location.

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