Digital solution for logs, checklists, and calibrations improves compliance

Franchisees who own/operate multi-units face the challenge of ensuring compliance across all their stores. Traditional paper-based solutions for temperature logs, opening/closing checklists, and equipment calibrations have low compliance rates and provide owners no insight in how their units are performing at a glance.


The regional General Managers who oversaw the 20 locations could not reliably and consistently ensure protection against food safety and corporate brand compliance mishaps.


Squadle Checklists, is a cloud-based, digital solution where completing and following standard operating procedures are displayed as a daily completion percentage for each location, providing a benchmark for operational consistency.

Through emailed daily reports, text/email alerts, and Squadle’s web dashboard, owners and operators can have real-time transparency in safeguarding and protecting their business from operational mishaps.

With an simple interface and easy to follow directions, employees are informed and engaged, Squadle has helped keep store employees more accountable in being compliant and protecting their business from compliance and food safety related issues.

Squadle Checklists has also been a useful training tool for new employees and store managers at Franchisee Y. According to Regional General Manager B, Squadle has made it easier for new trainees to understand the daily processes and the importance of completing their log entries using Squadle Checklists.


Squadle Checklist impacted operations in the following ways:

  • Provided peace of mind and safeguarded the business from food safety/brand compliance setbacks
  • Streamlined and facilitated employee training
  • Kept staff engagement high

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