How QSR owners improved food safety with Squadle’s Digital Food Safety solution


Owners of a total of 35 restaurants that implemented Squadle™ Digital Food Safety continue to see improvements in compliance and accountability as well as labor hour savings. This translates to greater ability to manage their restaurants.


With food safety and product quality a crucial part of operations, QSR owners are looking for a digital food safety solution to replace their paper logbooks. Multiple owners interviewed expressed concerns with data integrity stemming from employee errors, missing records, and cheating. Further, these logs could only be reviewed by visiting in person, so owners had little ability to address opportunities proactively. For owners of multiple locations, this made management of food safety both challenging and time consuming.


Owner operators choose Squadle because it’s intuitive and addresses common opportunities owners face.

“The pyrometer patent was key [in leading us to choose Squadle’s solution]. It meant 100% accountability, no cheating.”

Due to the simplicity of the software, owners see faster completion rates and the process now completed by one person instead of two. The software reminds employees of prescribed times during which tasks need to be completed. Time-stamping allows management to see when items are done in the system. As a result, tasks are completed when scheduled rather than at the staff’s leisure.

Both staff and owners are able to see completion rates live on the tablet in store and remotely from the management software. Owners report staff are empowered to complete tasks without the same prior oversight.

“No one wants to get a call so they get it done.”

Real time alerts from the Squadle mobile app and management software are helping owners stay on top of opportunities. Owners now receive a morning recap and can manage restaurant performance from the software rather than visiting stores.


Owners experience both objective and subjective benefits in restaurants implementing Squadle’s Digital Food Safety solution.

“[I] can confidently say [my] restaurants are completing food safety 7 days a week.”

“[My] staff now enjoy completing food safety.”

“Initial improvement over 3 months – VOICE score increased by 10%. Consistently high scores on unannounced QSR food safety visits.”

Additionally, owners report they are better able to manage their restaurants with data provided, giving them peace of mind that daily and monthly food safety tasks are being completed.

“At the owner level, I’m spending a minute or so a day vs. 20-30 minutes weekly. The fact that temps are automatically recorded is huge.”

“[The Squadle™ solution] let’s you move on to bigger and better things. I now have more time to address higher level issues, bigger picture to do’s.”

About Squadle:

Squadle’s Digital Food Safety solution is customized to QSR daily and monthly food safety process and is updated as new versions are created. The software is ready to use out of the box with little to no training, and owners can request customizations by location. Squadle’s patented technology automatically records temperatures to reduce cheating and employee errors.

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