Improving Effectiveness of General Managers of Multi-Store Groups


Franchisee Y used the paper-based solution to manage standard operating procedures and compliance documents. The franchisee’s regional general managers drove to their stores on a weekly schedule and flip through stacks of paper to verify that daily standard operating and compliance requirements were met.

With plans to grow the number of locations, the franchisee needed a new solution.


Squadle Checklists digitalizes checklists/forms such as Operational Compliance Checklists, Pre-Shift Checklists, Food Waste Tracking, Travel Paths, Equipment Calibrations, Temperature Management Forms, Food Safety Compliance Forms, and many others.

Operating procedures are displayed as a daily completion percentage for each location, providing a benchmark for operational consistency. Managers can see completion rates in real time across multiple stores in one centralized hub. This allows them to prioritize their time.


The Regional General Manager reported the following results:

“It’s way easier to monitor and follow up. It is now a priority for my managers.”

“I don’t have to be there to know what’s been done and what hasn’t been done. I can follow up with my stores right away if they’ve missed something like a temperature log.”

Franchisee Y has seen a 20% increase in completing their daily forms and compliance logs since implementing Squadle Checklists.

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