Save labor costs by switching from paper to digital


For restaurant brands with complex workflows and an emphasis on fast service, oversight can be a challenge for operators. Managing employees with paper checklists makes it almost impossible.

“There are simply not enough hours in the day to pay attention to every detail. The real weakness lies in oversight – ensuring everyone performs as directed without my having to be everywhere at once. When the system breaks down, which it often does, product quality and customer service falls off and food safety risk rises. Ultimately, my bottom line suffers.”

Franchisee, 8 stores


Squadle Checklists, is a cloud-based, digital solution where completing and following standard operating procedures are displayed as a daily completion percentage for each location, providing a benchmark for operational consistency. The iPad based system was customized with digitized checklists specific to the restaurant brand and further modified for unique needs of each store.


After 90 days of use, the operator reported:

  • 10% increase in the store’s Quality Score. Improved customer satisfaction with store and food quality is known to increase sales volume.
  • 100% completion of required food safety checks. Squadle’s cloud-based system ensures compliance and provides a tamper-proof audit trail.
  • 1 labor hour saved each day which equates to >$10,000 savings in annual labor costs.

The operator noted that the Squadle system pays for itself in two days and then saves more than 10 times its monthly cost.

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