Temperature monitoring system improves food safety copy

An international franchise faced the challenge of improving food safety compliance in the wake of notable food safety disasters at other well-known companies. The challenge was how to ensure the success of new food safety checks.


An audit of 10 stores revealed serious food safety compliance issues. One-third of temperature logs in a 6 month period were not filled in. One-third of temperature logs that were completed had measurements that were too hot or too cold. Regular equipment failure led to lost inventory, operational disruptions and unhappy customers.


Franchisees were introduced to Squadle’s wireless temperature sensors which were installed in equipment such as walk-in coolers, display cases, and federal cases. These wireless sensors monitor ambient equipment temperatures 24/7 and can fulfill required, daily equipment temperature logs, alerting you when temperatures are out of specification.

  • 5 out of 10 stores experienced equipment temperatures that fell out of specification
  • 3 out of 10 stores experienced significant issues with their walk-in coolers where alerts were issued and corrective actions were taken


The implementation of Squadle’s Zero-Touch™ temperature probe yielded additional operational improvements throughout the course of three months.

Some results included:

  • Provided peace of mind and safeguarded the business from food safety/brand compliance setbacks
  • Prevented equipment failure, saving franchisees over $9,900 in combined loss over 3 months

“My employees caught an issue with our walk-in before it ever became a problem. I attribute it to them being more aware because of Squadle,” says a multi-store franchisee.

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