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Squadle’s highly-rated digital food safety products help your convenience store location save time and revenue with pre and post-shift checklists, remote temperature monitoring, compliance time control, and more.

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Squadle offers a digital safety product suite tailored for c-stores, optimized for task acceleration and inventory savings.

Digitized food safety checklists and shift management

From clean countertops to stocked cups - we know that the little things mean the most. Our digital checklists help managers keep track of all the little things - leading to big results - such as saving up to seven hours per week on task management.

Automated temperature logging

Squadle’s patented ZeroTouch™ Bluetooth temperature logging and remote monitoring ensures accurate and fast reporting. Time to ditch the pencil and save time with a sustainable, digital solution.

Customized real time alerts and corrective action triggers

Corrective actions guide employees to safe temperatures. Scheduled alerts, such as hand washing reminders and COVID-19 checks, encourage employees to prioritize health and safety every step of the way.

QSR equipment monitoring

We monitor your equipment at all times so you don’t have to. Prevent QSR equipment failures and inventory loss with our 24/7 equipment monitoring software.

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Increased compliance for
multi-unit operators
  • Simplified and streamlined transitions between QSR shift managers
  • Unparalleled 24/7 customer service and customized training for your team
  • Audit readiness automatically gathers compliance logs in the Squadle platform – ready for compliance inspections any day, any time.
  • Save time and revenue by empowering QSR employees to focus on more high-impact tasks.
“At 3AM, I received an alert that my walk-in freezer was down. By quickly addressing, we ensured there was no food spoilage, a savings of almost $9,000”

Rich O’Keefe, Franchisee


With the scale and customer service to ensure your success


completed tasks and customer records stored on the Squadle platform


temperatures measured with ZeroTouch™ technology

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