Chicken & Rice Guys to Digitize Key Food Safety Best Practices in All Stores


CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Chicken & Rice Guys (CNRG) reopened all of their brick-and-mortar locations after being cleared by the Boston Public Health Committee. The company previously closed each of their locations in caution after several cases of E.coli were allegedly traced to CNRG Allston location in late March. CNRG has now deployed Squadle Checklists and Temperature Management solutions as part of implementing comprehensive food safety best practices.

“We are enthusiastic to implement new digital food safety practices at all our restaurants,” said CNRG co-founder Ian So. “We want to provide the most delicious meals to our fans and ensure our food is prepared with superb quality.”

CNRG addressed the issue head-on by engaging in food safety meetings and proactively tightening up food safety procedures. Additionally, CNRG properly disposed their prepared foods in entirety and professionally deep-cleaned and tested all facilities to prevent further incidents. This included supplier reviews, employee training, an external auditing process and automating best practices in temperature management.

One key to food safety best practice is automating temperature checks to control biological hazards in food preparation. Wireless sensors automatically take temperatures of coolers, 24/7. Workers use Squadle’s ZeroTouchâ„¢ probe to digitally log temperatures during food preparation to ensure all items stay in the food safety zone. Squadle’s system alerts employees when to track handheld temperatures and signals when cooler temperatures go out of the food safety range, for example during a power outage.

CNRG also implements Squadle Checklists to automate compliance in food safety procedures. Unautomated restaurants typically have approximately 60% compliance over all their procedures. Digitized checklists have been shown to boost the average compliance to over 90%.

“Squadle is proud to be a part of CNRG’s multi-pronged food safety program that will help ensure they serve only the best, safest food possible,” said Le Zhang, CEO of Squadle.

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