Squadle Unveils Latest Breakthroughs for Automating Food Temperature Checks

Key enhancements to Squadle Digital Checklists help to streamline food safety workflow for operators and staff

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – January 19, 2021 – Squadle, a technology company that enables multi-unit operators to simplify complex operations and streamline food safety, today announced a significant update to Squadle Digital Checklists, including major updates to its Bluetooth Pyrometer 2.0, a next-gen approach to temperature checks and temperature capturing. Bluetooth Pyrometer 2.0 prioritizes and streamlines bluetooth pyrometer usage, eliminating manual temperature checks and ensuring that restaurants accurately complete and record required food inspections. The latest updates to Squadle Checklists™ have proven to improve store-level compliance and efficiency scores by over 10%.

Integrating directly with hardware and sensors, Squadle Digital Checklists has redefined foodservice operations, helping operators implement food safety best practices and speed up existing workflows. The new Bluetooth Pyrometer 2.0 functionality is one of many key upgrades to the Squadle Checklist features and functionality.

The latest Squadle Digital Checklist upgrades are highlighted by:

Bluetooth Pyrometer 2.0 – Eliminating manual temperature checks, Bluetooth Pyrometer 2.0 defaults to a digital only temperature capture. The Squadle software now requires temperatures to be recorded from a handheld pyrometer or a remote temperature monitoring device. Providing operators real-time performance updates on store operations.

Workflow Enhancements – The temperature keyboard guides users through the temperature taking process when using a bluetooth pyrometer. New audio plays each time the system is ready to take another product temperature and prompts indicate when the pyrometer has started, stabilized, and completed each reading.

Squadle QR Codes – The latest QR code functionality allows shift managers to quickly scan codes that are strategically placed across the store premises. Speeding up the regular inspection process that operators implement to ensure they are providing the best possible guest experience.

“The latest Squadle updates, including Bluetooth Pyrometer 2.0, have made a positive impact to our franchise operations,” stated Stacy Vorhees, McDonald’s Owner/Operator. “As an operator, I have full transparency into each daily shift, and Squadle helps maintain our organization’s high level of integrity and standards.”

Squadle is a customizable operations platform that restaurants, convenience stores, and retailers use to eliminate their paper-based manager playbooks, checklists, and compliance forms. Squadle’s Digital Checklists ensure higher completion rates and lead to more efficient operations and a better customer experience. Operators benefit from a customized reporting dashboard that shows when and what corrective actions were taken, and helps to reduce the risk of food safety issues. To see the latest updates Squadle Digital Checklists join our upcoming webinar on January 28, 2021, or visit our website to learn more.

About Squadle

Squadle is a technology company committed to delivering flexible, user-friendly applications that enable multi-unit operators, convenience stores, and retailers to simplify complex operations and streamline food safety.  By combining its proprietary digital checklists, patented sensor automation, and machine vision technology with its customer first approach, Squadle delivers intuitive, out-of-the-box ready products. Squadle’s customers operate tens of thousands of locations worldwide and include the largest and most respected brands in their industries.  Learn more at www.squadle.com.