Squadle Sense™

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Squadle’s remote temperature monitoring system uses wireless temperature sensors to effortlessly keep your stores in compliance. Your staff will spend less time maintaining food safety and more time on the things that increase your bottom line.

Keep your temperature logs fully
compliant and error-free

Custom built for your operations
Food safety isn’t one size fits all. Our temperature monitoring devices are customizable based on your exact compliance needs, and can be adjusted as needs change.
Effortless compliance
Our system automatically fills out your temperature logs and sends the data to your Squadle tablet, and your personalized dashboards in Squadle HQ.
24/7 Monitoring
Should an incident occur where a temperature-sensitive location falls out of compliance, you’ll receive text and email alerts. You’ll know the instant you are at risk for major inventory loss.
Predict equipment failures before they happen
Our algorithms can pick up on temperature changes before they become an issue, providing you with the best defense against catastrophic inventory loss.

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Built for convenience

  • Made for restaurant environments. Durable, easy to clean, and built to last in extreme temperatures.
  • With more automation to complete temperature checks, employees have more time to dedicate to customers.
  • Backed by our 24/7 support team

completed tasks and customer records stored on the Squadle platform


temperatures measured with ZeroTouch™ technology

4.8 out of 5 stars
(Capterra customer reviews)

Remote Temperature Sensing

Automatic and error-free temperature logs
Text and email alerts when temperatures fall out of acceptable ranges
Integrates with Squadle HQ dashboard reports
Backed by 24/7 tech support
“At 3 AM, I received an alert that my walk-in freezer was down. By quickly addressing, we ensured there was no food spoilage, a savings of almost $9,000.”

Franchisee, Rich O.

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