Digital Shift Management

Squadle’s operational compliance checklists cover your brand with pre-shift checks, equipment calibrations, shift notes, and more.

Replace unreliable paper logs with
automated digital checklists

Checklists for your entire operation
Our shift management software includes compliance checks for pre-shift checklists, food waste tracking, shift notes, COVID-19 safety checklists, and more.
Real time reporting at your fingertips
Monitor compliance and completion rates through our online dashboard, mobile app, real-time alerts, and automated daily emails.
Our checklists are customized during the onboarding process to ensure that all of your operational needs are captured.

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With the scale and customer service to ensure your success
  • Simplified and streamlined transitions between shift managers.
  • Provide unparalleled customer service with quick and traceable issue resolution from customer recovery features.
  • Gather and show reliable, compliant data at inspection time.

completed tasks and customer records stored on the Squadle platform


temperatures measured with ZeroTouch™ technology

4.8 out of 5 stars (Capterra customer reviews)

Digital Shift Management

Pre-shift checklists
Kitchen health checks
Drive-thru health check
Travel paths
Daily maintenance checklists
“During change-over, we save at least 1 hour per day in each restaurant.”

Director of Operations, Michelle M.

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Learn how Squadle can improve your daily operations.