Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner

Adapt to the changing foodservice environment and show your commitment to community health & safety with temperature checks and social distancing, all in one simple product.

Fast, Safe, & Reliable

Easy Setup & Maintenance
Software & hardware included. Just mount and plug it in. The scanner works while offline and will automatically update when needed.
Reliable Temperature Technology
Combines infrared thermography with additional ambient sensors (temperature, humidity, and RGB camera) to perform a non-invasive and reliable temperature measurement.
No Training Needed
No employee training needed before use, and backed by our 24/7 support team.

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Ensure the safety of your employees and guests

Customizable to meet corporate health standards and required body temperature ranges. Admin users can easily adjust staff screening policies.
Built with restaurant-grade durability.
Automated system alerts stakeholders when temperature reading does not meet standards.
Allows for a completely touch-free experience.
“As an owner, I feel an ethical responsibility to keep our guests and employees safe. The thermal scanner is as easy as it gets”

Stephany Bencharit

5″ Non-Touch LCD

Thermal Scan:
Accuracy < ±-0.9°F
Effective Range 1’~2.3′

Surface Mount & Stand
Tampering Detection

Environment Spec:
Operating Temperature 32°F ~ 104°F
Operating Humidity 0% ~ 90% @ 104°F (non-condensing)
Application Environment Best Indoors

HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA Compliant

Powered by Squadle ZeroTouch™

This thermal scanner uses Squadle’s patented ZeroTouch™ technology, which automatically measures and records temperatures using wireless and touch-free solutions. Powering the digital food safety solutions trusted by top QSRs. US Patent 9,534,938

• Custom tracking and alerts
• Infrared thermography, RGB, temperature, and humidity camera and sensors
• Integrates with Squadle HQ dashboard reports
• Backed by bilingual 24/7 tech support


How are the readings performed?

Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner combines infrared thermography with additional ambient sensors (temperature, humidity, and RGB camera) to perform a non-invasive and reliable temperature measurement. Machine learning is used to adjust initial thermal camera reads and improve accuracy.

How are the risk thresholds set?

Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner’s temperature thresholds are based on CDC guidelines of 100.4°F (38°C), with a healthy margin for elevated risk at 99.5°F (37°C). Thresholds for “Yellow” (elevated risk) and “Red” (high risk) can be manually adjusted by facilities.

How does Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner differ from a temperature gun?

They operate in the same way, except temperature guns can only provide readings from a single spot vs. an entire image area. Thermal cameras detect infrared radiation and translate it as a temperature reading.

What does the Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner cloud service provide?

Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner’s cloud platform includes our client admin web application, our over-the-air device management service, and a system for notifications and alerts. Our web application allows clients to set their facility policies, see reporting, and set alerts and notifications.

Admin users can set the staff screening policy, choosing the number of times per day/shift/week that staff members need to platform a temperature screen.

How fast is the screening?

An individual screening takes less than 1 second. When the initial screening result is a borderline elevated risk, Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner will immediately run a few additional screenings to reduce variance and increase accuracy.

What is the policy around data collection and storage?

Squadle Sense™ Thermal Scanner is a security-first product. Stores can choose what data is collected and for how long, including an option to collect no data whatsoever.

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